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Acesight VR Electronic Glasses for low vision

Zoomax Catalog 2022

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Snow 12

12″ Video Magnifier With Comfortable Writing Space, OCR Text-to-speech & Voice Prompt

Luna 8 brochure cover

Luna 8

8″ Electronic Video Magnifier - 8 Hours Battery Life

a couple using zoomax luna 6 handheld video magnifier to look at pill bottle

Luna 6

6" Video Magnifier With inserted handle,great for close and distance view

luna s brochure cover min

Luna S

4.3″ Electronic Video Magnifier - Better and Happier

Acesight Series Catalog Cover

Acesight Series

Mini Catalog of Acesight Electronic Glasses Series

Mini Catalog Cover

Product Catalog

All About Zoomax Low Vision Aids

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