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Luna S

Unboxing Luna S – Zoomax Electronic Video Magnifier for Low Vision

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier – Voice Control                 

Luna S Electronic Video Magnfier Instructional Video


Unboxing Snow

Instructional Video

Why Zoomax Snow 4.3” handheld video magnifier popular?

M5 HD Plus

Unboxing M5 HD Plus

Instructional Video

Change for You!

Luna 6

Unboxing Luna 6 – Zoomax Electronic Video Magnifier for Low Vision

Zoomax Luna 6 – By Sam from The Blind Life             

Snow 7 HD Plus

Unboxing Snow 7 HD Plus

Text-to-Speech Version – Instructional Video

Basic Version – Instructional Video                                                                                             

A Father Receiving Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus Video Magnifier as a Gift

Visually Impaired Children Exploring the World With Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus

New Technology, New Experience                                                                             

Luna 8

Unboxing Luna 8 – Zoomax Electronic Video Magnifier for Low Vision

Luna 8 Electronic Video Magnfier Instructional Video

Snow 12

#1: Unpacking Snow 12

#2: Intro to Snow 12 Magnifier

#3: Using Snow 12

#4: Snow 12 Menu & Settings

#5: Text to Speech with Snow 12

#6: Using the Foldable Stand with Snow 12

#7: Using File Transfer​

Zoomax Snow 12 – By Sam from The Blind Life


Acesight Introduction Video #6: How to Use Your Acesight

Click here for full instructional video list (7 videos in total) on YouTube.

Acesight – The Electronic Glasses That Help Visually Impaired People Regain Visual Independence.

Acesight VR

Electronic glasses for Low Vision – Acesight VR Introduction: Benefits

Click here for full Acesight VR video list (8 videos in total) on YouTube.

TEC Demo: Zoomax’s Acesight VR
by InFocus: Low Vision and Blindness Technology

Panda HD

Instructional Video

Aurora HD

Instructional Video

Vidéo de présentation fonctionnelle (French)

Why choose Zoomax Aurora HD 24” Desktop Video Magnifier

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The Commercial Electronics is no longer a Zoomax authorized repair service provider. Please do not contact the company or send any unit to them for device repair. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

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Commercial Electronics Service Center
Contact: Rupert Simms

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