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High-Quality Electronic Magnifier
For Students With Vision Loss

Your Ultimated Choice of
Low Vision Aids

Zoomax has been dedicated in the development and user service of the electronic video magnifier for 15 years. Everyhing, and the only one thing we’ve been doing is to provide the most helpful vision aids to  encourage people with low vision to live confidently! 



Low vision E-glasses enable wearer living with macular degeneration, glaucoma and central vision loss  to   watch TV, enjoy social activities and stay connected.

Portable Magnifier


Portable electronic video magnifier with 12″ large screen and text-to-speech feature which is easy and comfy to use, ideal for reading and writing.

Video Magnifier


Luna 8 offers 8 hours of battery life, compact design and super clear image, which is perfect for anyone with visually impaired conditions.

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paul edward introducing Low vision glasses Acesight

Dr. Ed Paul, OD, PhD
Talking About Zoomax Acesight E-Glasses!

“All of a sudden, what happens is Jack looks like he’s on a 50-inch television screen right in front of me.”


"The care and customer service you have provided us is outstanding. When a blind person loses their "eyes" -- in this case, the help that the Snow can give my dear mom with some level of sight -- it is devastating. This brings her hope and some level of renewed independence."
Mary R. T
Mary R. T.
Daughter of Shirley

30 – Day Refund

2 – Year Warranty

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