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Acesight VR Rental Service


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Thank you for choosing Acesight VR. In order to allow more people access to our high end line of electronic glasses at a lower cost, we are thrilled to launch the Acesight VR rental service.

What You Will Enjoy

  • A Brand New Acesight VR
  • Free-shipping Service
  • Technical Support during Rental Period
  • Non-obligation Trial
  • Lower Out of Pocket Cost


Deposit & Fee

The Acesight VR refundable security deposit is $999 plus the rental fee below:

Rental PeriodFeeSpecial
1-month renewal$17910% off 1-month fee
3-month renewal$39920% off 3-month fee

If you would like to buy the unit after trying, please contact us at [email protected] or (833)265-3324.

Lease Time Calculation

The lease term will be counted as 1 month if it’s 1 – 30 days before returning the product, and 3 months if it’s between 31 – 90 days before the product is returned.

During the lease period, remote assistance can be provided for any technical problem. If a unit replacement is required, the shipping time for both return and sending is not included in the lease period, and we will pay the shipping charges. In case of repair, the lease time is the total time the former unit and the new unit is in your possession.

Shipping & Return


Free Shipping is only valid for shipping addresses in the United States; excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, military and U.S. Air Force bases.

Please note that the Acesight VR Rental Service is not valid in Canada or the state of Florida.

Return & Renewal

Please let us know if you would like to renew the rent or return the unit 5 business days before the expiry day.

  • If you would like to renew the rent, please place the order directly 5 business days before the expiry day. The new lease period will be extended automatically after the previous rent ends.
  • If you would like to return the unit, please send us an email 5 business days before the expiry day. In the email, you will let us know that you would like to return the device in written form. We will reply with an RMA number within 24hrs.

It will take 3 business days to confirm the unit condition after receiving it. The security deposit will be refunded in 5 business days if the unit is returned in the same condition it arrived to you.

The rent needs to be paid in full before the security deposit is refunded.


Before returning the Acesight VR, you must contact us and obtain the RMA number. Any return without a RMA number is unauthorized. If an unauthorized return results in the loss of the device, the renter/buyer shall bear responsibility and pay the full retail price for the lost unit.

The Acesight VR must be returned by the expiration date of the lease term at the latest. The return after expiration will be taken as an additional lease, and $199 will be deducted from the deposit if the return is within 30 days after expiration, and $499 will be deducted if the return is within 30 – 90 days after expiration.

If the unit is not returned by the expiration date, the difference between the rental payments and ­­­­­­­retail price will be paid according to the current Acesight VR retail price.

If you do not return the unit or pay the difference deliberately 90 days after expiration, necessary measures will be taken, which may affect your credit history.

Remote control missing or damaged$200
Built-in mobile phone missing or damaged$400
Entire machine missingRetail price plus lease fee
Other improper operations that cause the machine to fail to operate, such as water damage, drop, etc$400
Damaged or missing shell$250
Lens abrasion$200
Camera damage$300
Damage to the front cover caused by unauthorized disassembly$2,000
Velcro drop caused by excessive force$200
The carrying case missing or damaged$80
Adapter missing or damaged$80
User Guide missing$20
Original box missing or damaged$20

Something else

Please make note of the dates and terms of the rental agreement. We don’t want you to spend extra money because of the above problems. So, after you get the unit, please take care not cause damage to the device.  The Acesight should be stored in the case properly when not in use.  Contact us immediately if you believe the device is not working properly to minimize any damage.  Troubleshooting without consultation of Zoomax staff could result in further damage.

In order to facilitate the subsequent return, please keep our packing box so that you do not need to find another box when you return it. Just put it in the original packaging and return it to us.

When the rent is complete, we would appreciate it if you leave a comment or suggestion about your experience with renting an Acesight VR. A $20 gift card will be given to express our gratitude for feedback. Please leave your comments or suggestions via the website contact form.


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Authorized Repair Service Change Notice

The Commercial Electronics is no longer a Zoomax authorized repair service provider. Please do not contact the company or send any unit to them for device repair. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

------------!Do NOT Contact!------------

Commercial Electronics Service Center
Contact: Rupert Simms

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