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Acesight VR – Electronic eyeware

5.00 out of 5
(9 customer reviews)


Electronic glasses (E-glasses )  Acesight VR enable people with 20/200 vision and other low vision conditions to see the world again in the clearest way ever.

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500+ Acesight VR have been helping people with visual impairments see since its launch in April 2020.

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Acesight VR Electronic Glasses

With the Acesight VR, you can regain visual independence. The powerful visual technology of the device helps you enjoy favorite activities such as watching television and reading.

Acesight VR offers an incredibly smooth and bright image without any lag — perfect for watching your favorite television shows. Thanks to the 48 megapixel camera, the screen resolution is a remarkable 2340×1080, producing vivid, full HD images in extraordinary detail.

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acesight vr electronic eyeware

Why Are Acesight VR Electronic Glasses Unique?

    Watch your favorite TV shows with an incredible smooth and bright image, but without the lag.
    Acesight is cool in more ways than one. Best of all is the cool operating temperature, even after 1-2 hours of continuous use.
    There is nothing complicated about Acesight. Sit down, put it on, and enjoy what you see around you.

Specifications & Benefits

Clear Display

  • Screen Resolution – 2340×1080 Full HD
  • The industry-leading resolution of Acesight VR makes everything look and feel great. You will notice the image looks vivid and bright.

Extraordinary Detail

  • Camera – 48 Megapixels
  • Acesight VR is full of pleasant surprises, including an amazing 48 megapixel camera that is up to 4 times better than anything else.

FOV 65 degree

  • See More of Everything
  • Field of View – 65°
  • With an extra wide 65° field of view, Acesight VR lets you see more of the world around you.


  • Weight – 1 lb
  • At just under 1 pound in weight, Acesight VR is lighter than most other wearable devices and feels comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of use.

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Review Video

Additional information


1X – 16X


2340x1080p Full HD


48M Pixels

Field of View (Per Eye)


Refresh Rate

60 fps

Display Modes

Full color and 4 high contrast color modes

Outline Mode

3 enhanced outline modes (adds lines to edges of everything in view)

Function for RP & Glaucoma

Narrow Display (shrinks the image into viewable area)

Floating Reading

Yes (Panning)


2.5 – 3h

Charging Time

Less than 1.5h


0.14 lb (controller), 1 lb (headset)

9 reviews for Acesight VR – Electronic eyeware

  1. Dennis Lancaser

    “My husband, Dennis Lancaser using the device that is so crucial to him accomplishing these masterpieces. Without the device he simply cannot function. These exist because of the device! We cannot thank you enough!”

  2. 5 out of 5


    Normally I don’t write review on all the product I purchased. But Acesight VR brought me a whole day excitement! I think I must write something for this amazing device.
    I am a legally blind person with poor vision. Though have been heard about the wearable low vision glasses for a while, I never try out any product cause I have a 5 inch video magnifier. I thought they are similar when you use them. However, god, I was totally wrong. When I first used Acesight VR, I hate why I didn’t get it earlier. It is so fantastic to watch my favorite TV show with a cup of coffee. The day of ” hearing” TV was gone!
    When putting on Acesight VR, I can look after my grandkid when he visits me while his Mom is preparing food. He is such a sweetheart!
    Thanks! I really love your product!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is the best low vision glasses I have ever used! My eye doctor recommended me Acesight VR and another two eyewear devices. Acesight VR is absolutely the easist to use. I always got lost when using other products. Acesight helps a lot when I watch TV and chat with my friends.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I write this review cause Acesight VR is amazing! My Mom thought she is almost blind. Everytime she “saw” my daughter, she expressed her pity for not seeing her in deed. We tried ZOOMAX VR last week in the clinic. She “WOW” loudly and then I see her tears. I was wondering what happened to her. She looked at me and said: Honey, you are still so pretty! I suddenly understood she could see me! My daughter asked if she could see her,. She said ” Yes, definitely and clearly!” Thank you so much! You change my Mom’s and our life!

  5. 5 out of 5


    The Zoomax sales person are helpful and kind. They answered me quickly and very thoughtful!

  6. 5 out of 5


    The Thanks Giving gift for my Dad. He likes Acesight VR! He watched some of the TV shows at the weekend. That was what he dreamed of. I am so glad that I selected the right thing for him.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I tried Acesight VR in the restaurant when order the food yesterday.It was a great help. I was uable to read the menu and place the order at my own. Awesome!

  8. 5 out of 5


    The VR Eglasses is amazing! My husband loves it! We can sit together watch our favorite TV show now!!

  9. 5 out of 5


    When I first used Acesight VR, I saw my Mom cooking for us. She looks as beautiful as I saw her when I was 10 years p;d before I lost my vision. Now, when wearing this smart glasses, I help her read the recipe and manage the table. She said she is more than happy at such moment. Thank you, Zoomax.

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acesight vr electronic eyeware
Acesight VR – Electronic eyeware

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