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Something went wrong? Need a repair for your Zoomax product? Request for an after-sales service conveniently online.

To qualify for warranty service your device must have been purchased within 2 years. If your Zoomax products breaks or fails during the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair it free of charge.

Products older than 2 years and therefore out of warranty may still be repaired at the owner’s expense. We will inspect the device and provide a repair estimate prior to completing any service work.

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    Where to find the S/N:

    S/N is a 16-digit series number which can be found on the label of your product box.

    If you don’t keep the box:

    • Check the back of your Zoomax video magnifiers. Usually, there will be another label indicating the S/N. The product Snow 4.3 has the S/N under the battery cover.
    • If it is an Acesight VR, the label will be on the controller and the bottom of the headset.
    • If it is an Acesight/Acesight S, the label will be inside the carrying case, usually on the top.

    If your product doesn’t have a S/N (may occur on accessories and old models), or you just can’t find it out, please type sixteen 0 (zero) to submit the form.