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Something went wrong? Need a repair for your Zoomax product? Request for an after-sales service conveniently online.

To qualify for warranty service your device must have been purchased within 2 years. If your Zoomax products breaks or fails during the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair it free of charge.

Products older than 2 years and therefore out of warranty may still be repaired at the owner’s expense. We will inspect the device and provide a repair estimate prior to completing any service work.

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    Where to find the S/N:

    S/N is a 16-digit series number which can be found on the label of your product box.

    If you don’t keep the box:

    • Check the back of your Zoomax video magnifiers. Usually, there will be another label indicating the S/N. The product Snow 4.3 has the S/N under the battery cover.
    • If it is an Acesight VR, the label will be on the controller and the bottom of the headset.
    • If it is an Acesight/Acesight S, the label will be inside the carrying case, usually on the top.

    If your product doesn’t have a S/N (may occur on accessories and old models), or you just can’t find it out, please type sixteen 0 (zero) to submit the form.

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    The codes will be automatically applied on the Cart and Checkout pages.

    If you're not sure about the availability of the discount, simply add the product to your cart and try clicking on the View Cart or Checkout buttons in the upper right corner of each page.

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    Authorized Repair Service Change Notice

    The Commercial Electronics is no longer a Zoomax authorized repair service provider. Please do not contact the company or send any unit to them for device repair. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

    ------------!Do NOT Contact!------------

    Commercial Electronics Service Center
    Contact: Rupert Simms

    ------------!Do NOT Contact!------------

    Need After-sales Service?

    For any after-sales request, please submit a form. Our after-sales team will reach you out soon, and offer you the contact information of the best service center.

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