Does The Low-Vision E-Glasses A Good Fit For Me?

low vision glasses

  •  What is the low Vision E-glasses? 

People with visually impaired are always looking for low vision aids which can help continue their  hobbies.  Conventional video magnifier are good choice for reading and writing.  If watching TV and the mobility are the first consideration, the wearable visual aids could be the best option. 

Low-vision glasses with optical lenses used to be only one solution. It enhances the vision acuity for people with vision loss at a certain distance.  However, with limited field of view and magnification,. it doesn’t suit everyone and do not always provide good user experience. 

The low-vision E-glasses, also namely low-vision wearable electroni glasses. is the latest assistive technology which offers hands-free headset solution with superior image quality, big magnification range and field of view.  VIsually impaired person can see things far away in the classroom, campus, musuem, grogery and any other outdoor places. If you would like to sit and enjoy the film or TV show,  you will find there is no altertive other than the E-glasses.  Just like watching a 60″ display in front you,  no need to stay close to the TV screen, excellent image and comfortable watching gesture. all make you enjoyble and relaxing. 

  • Who can use the Low-vision E-glasses?

Many people would ask if they or their loved ones can use the Low-vision E-glasses by telling us their conditions and what they expect to do.  Yes, this is truly important.

When searching glasses for the blind, you may find some low-vision E-glasses. It is good to bear in mind that they are not the same thing. The low-vision E-glasses perform well for people with 20/200 vision, but not for totally blind person.   

The poor vision caused by Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Stardgardt, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataract and some other eye conditions could probably enhanced when wearing the low-vision E-glasses.  Even with partial eye field loss, you can find that some glasses can help see everything without missing any part of the object or view. For instance, the NARROW MODE function in Acesight will help realize it. 

For those person with severe poor vision, we don’t recommend the use of E-glasses. It might not do any help. 

Anyway, it is better to consult the sales manager or eye doctor in advance.  Give it try and find out if it is a good fit for you before you make your final buying decision.  Many stores offer 30-day free trial nowadays. 

Go try Acesight VR and enjoy TV happily from now on! 

  • Where to Use the Low-vision e-Glasses?

Most of the  low-vision headset are be suggested to be used indoors.  They help you watch TV, see the loved one, reading and seeing far from your window.  

If you are a person who love the nature or hope to attend some social activities, please be sure to try out the product that can help the mobility. Acesight and Acesight S are the only two procucts on the market that will meet the need.  They enable students to walk around in the classroom  and library. People at the workplace can copy with their daily task freely by wearing these glasses.  After dinner or at the weekend, go for a walk with your loved one, Acesight would be the best accompany,too.  

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