Why Choose Handheld Electronic Video Magnifier?

Luna 6 video magnifier

When it comes to choosing a handheld electronic video magnifier, you might find yourself feeling puzzled or uncertain as there are numerous options on the market. In this article, we’ll explore why to choose a handheld electronic video magnifier and how to select the best option that suits your needs.

Study with Low Vision: Are You Ready to Go Back to School in 2024?

back to school

Time flies, winter vacation ends rapidly. Are you ready to go back to school for the first semester in 2024? Students sometimes feel puzzled about how to improve their learning efficiency, especially for those students with low vision situation. Therefore, some study techniques are becoming particularly essential. Read on to make your low vision preparation for the new back-to-school season!

Smart Home Technologies for Independent Living with Low Vision

smart home technologies for independent living with low vision

Have you ever observed how many smart devices you have in your house? In the era of technology, more and more smart home technologies are integrating into our daily lives, including devices for those with low vision. In order for people with low vision to live an independent life, smart home technology plays a vital role.

Exploring Winter Activities for People with Low Vision

exploring winter activities for people with low vision

Some people prefer to spend the winter at home, while others enjoy participating in various winter activities to celebrate the white season. The same goes for people with visual impairments. This article aims to explore some interesting winter activities for visually impaired people to enhance their experiences while reducing the visual challenges that winter brings.

New Year Digital Journey for the Visually Impaired

new year digital journey for the visually impaired

In the digital era, how exactly does technology contribute to our daily lives? Communication, work dynamics, and educational models have evolved with the rapid advancement of technology, benefiting individuals, including those with visual impairments who can utilize assistive tools for communication. Technology, with its capacity to enhance convenience and connectivity, plays a crucial role in creating a more inclusive and accessible daily experience for all human beings.

How to Spend a Happy Holiday with Low Vision Loved Ones?

2024 happy new year

With time going by, the 2024 New Year is coming unconsciously. Most people start to enjoy their New Year holiday at this time, participate in various New Year activities and spend a wonderful time with their family and friends. How do you plan to have a happy holiday when you have loved ones with low vision? Let’s see what you can do for them.

Tactile Christmas Workshop for People with Low Vision

christmas tactile workshop for the low vision

Step into the warmth of the holiday season with special Christmas tactile activities, designed to bring joy and festive cheer to people with visual impairments through touch. Christmas activities for visually impaired people are indispensable when you have loved ones with vision loss. The loss of vision won’t stop us from enjoying Christmas activities and celebrating a happy festival. Let’s see what kind of tactile workshop can color your Christmas with loved ones!

How Do People with Low Vision Cook Christmas Food?

cook christmas food with low vision

It’s Christmas month now, do you have any Christmas food ideas for your Christmas party with family or friends? To some extent, cooking Christmas food with loved ones can be one of the happiest things doing at Christmas. People with vision loss shall also enjoy this fantastic experience. Read on for useful tips about how people with low vision cook Christmas food.

The Best Independent Living Aids for Reading with Low Vision

the best independent living aids for reading with low vision

With the support of modern technology, low vision readers are now fortunate to be able to improve their reading experience through a variety of independent living assistive devices. Whether electronic magnifiers, text-to-speech devices or high-contrast reading tools, these assistive technologies can provide visually impaired individuals with a more easy and enjoyable way to read.

When to Choose a Desktop Video Magnifier?

how can a desktop video magnifier help

Talking about desktop video magnifiers, you may have some queries. What is a desktop video magnifier? What’s the difference between desktop video magnifiers and other types of digital magnifiers? Who is suitable for using desktop video magnifiers? Indeed, a desktop video magnifier is a powerful device among the low vision aids. The features and superiorities will be introduced in the following.

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