Traveling in Summertime? You May Need This Visual Aid!

Summer is coming right now. Many people choose to travel in the summertime because at this time, they are able to get rid of heavy clothes and dress up for going out with their loved ones. The good weather always brings a good mood and allows people to carry out multiple outdoor activities. Meanwhile, according to research, adequate sunlight is actually beneficial to human overall health and well-being, as well as eye health. For some visually impaired people, the sunlight somehow can also provide advantages to eye recovery and mental health.

travel in summertime with low vision aids

Entertainments in Summertime

A variety of interesting recreational activities are available in summer, it’s a season that can always make people feel energetic and more willing to go out and meet friends. In summer, sports enthusiasts play more sports, people who have a pet take their pets to walk, and even schools hold more outdoor activities. People can not only have fun but also improve their health unconsciously in this way.

The same to people with visual impairments, they are also able to join more suitable activities in summer for their eye health and mental health. Moderate touch with the sunlight benefits their eyes and bodies. Meanwhile, joining activities can encourage visually impaired people to communicate more with others in order to enhance their social relationships and contribute to their mental health. These are the benefits that cannot be got from medications or assistive technologies. Here are some recommendations for entertainments in the summertime that are also suitable for people with low vision:

Outdoor activities with friends: hanging out with friends in summer is common for a lot of people. To talk about specific activities, it usually depends on the personal interests of individuals. For instance, some people like to go shopping with friends, while some prefer to play games in a park or have a barbecue with friends in their backyards.

outdoor activities with friends in summertimeEmphasizing outdoors is because the sunlight can take various benefits to the human body, it helps people generate vitamin D, absorb calcium in order to strengthen the bones, reduce the blood pressure, and improve sleep quality. Furthermore, it’s also essential to prevent overexposure and protect the eyes under the sunlight as too much sunlight can cause harm to our bodies as well.

Travels with loved ones: many statistics show that summer is a peak of travel. People are able to put more beautiful clothes in their suitcases with lighter weight, and take more colorful pictures during their trips. A large number of people like to visit a city with the sea so they can enjoy the beach and the sunshine. Or some are used to going to a mountain to catch the fresh air and avoid the high temperature.

travel with loved ones in summerIn the meantime, many balls, concerts, and music festivals are always held in summer as people seem to be totally ready for having lots of fun at this time. In this case, many people may choose to go to another city to meet their favorite singer or dancer. Travel with loved ones can often offer pleasant feelings and unexpected experiences, which makes it popular and meaningful. It’s definitely one of the best options in the summertime.

Difficulties for People with Vision Loss

People with poor vision are encouraged to join outdoor activities, enhance social communications, and travel with loved ones in the summertime, however, it cannot be denied they can meet more difficulties during any of these activities. For example, it can be harder for visually impaired people to read the labels of products when they’re shopping in the malls. Or they have trouble distinguishing toys when they’re playing games with friends in the park.

zoomax luna 6 can help people with low visionDuring the travels, there would be more difficulties. To check information on the tickets, read the map of an unfamiliar city, and check the price tag of souvenirs, they are all not that easy for people with eyesight loss. Although most low vision people would have the company-usually their loved ones-for the trips, it’s still crucial for them to have a tool that can help them read on their own. In this case, having a portable handheld electronic video magnifier is an ideal option.

The Best Visual Aid in Summer

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, you can find various low vision aids on the market, and each of them has its own benefits and shortages. Also, different visual aids are designed for multiple purposes, some may be suitable for home use, while some can be better for working and studying. To meet the needs of traveling in summer, the lightweight and portability shall be taken into account. Thus, Zoomax Luna 6 is the best choice.

Zoomax Luna 6 is a handheld video magnifier that is perfectly suitable for outdoor uses. The 6-inch screen offers sharp and high-quality images, and the built-in handle is convenient and comfortable for people to hold when standing to use it. The lightweight and pocket-size features of Zoomax Luna 6 electronic video magnifier allow people to take it everywhere. During the trip, low vison aids that can be carried around and used easily is the most important point for people with eyesight loss, and this is why Luna 6 is the best choice.

luna 6 handheld video magnifier is the best choice for travel in summerHaving a visually impaired aid is also meaningful to developing the living independence of people with vision loss. Although some people may choose to travel with partners, Zoomax Luna 6 can still enhance the travel experience anyways. For instance, when you get the ticket for your airplane or train, you may want to check the boarding information on the ticket. At this time, all you need to do is take out Luna 6 from your pocket or your carry-on bag, open the built-in handle, hold the handle at a comfortable position and then you can feel free to see the information shown on the screen.

It’s similar when you get a brochure of tourism sites or check the map of your destinations. Or, to be more specific, many people choose to visit the museum when they arrive in a new city, Luna 6 can help you with observing the exhibits and reading the explanations. Furthermore, it’s convenient to read the menus in the restaurants when you release the foot stand of Luna 6 and put it on the table, and then you can feel free to order the food you like.

Another highlight of Zoomax Luna 6 must be the wireless charging function. Simply put the device into the corresponding slots, it can start charging automatically. It’s a useful function not only for daily use but also for the trips. Especially for people who like taking photos and always take cameras for traveling, they would have many devices that need to charge every day. In this case, a wireless charger can also help avoid mixing up all your adapters so that avoiding the potential risk. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the weight at all because the wireless charging dock is lightweight as well.benefits of zoomax luna 6

While travels may be one of the most popular activities in the summertime and it takes more time and energy than the other activities. Therefore, Zoomax Luna 6 is definitely ideal for other summer activities as well. It provides superb image quality, it’s lightweight to carry and convenient to charge, and the built-in handle allows people with vision loss to hold at any position and read easily even when they’re standing. So, why not get a Zoomax Luna 6 to enhance enjoyable experiences this summertime?

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