How To Choose Good Visual Aids? 

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visual aids

What do visual aids refer to?

  • If you are new with the the visual aids, it is better to know what products are called visual aids. 

Usually, visual aids can be named as low vision aids as well. It includes:

  • Optical glasses 
  • Electronic video magnifiers
  • Magnifying App 
  • Guiding cane 

Most of the people know the optical glasses. It is a very traditional vision aids for  a long time. The magnifying APP is new. It is good for people with light poor vision, and not so helpful for those with very bad vision. To write or do long-period reading, the APP is obviously impossible to do assistance. Guiding cane is quite useful when people going out. Of course, they have to practice the use of their cane  in advance to avoide the potential risk. However, the cane will not help enhance the vision when seeing things around.  

People with vision loss want to be indepent in the daily life. They try to see, read, write, talk with others, study at school and continue the work. Thus, video magnifier is neccessary to be engaged. 

How to choose a good visual aids?

First of all, ask yourself what do you want to do with the visual aids. If you decide to buy an optical glasses, it wouild be an easy decision, because you don’t need a big budget. If a video magnifier is the need, ask yourself the questions like:

  • Do I take the device outdoors very often? If your answer is YES, please consider the portable and handheld video magnifiers. If you usually use it indoors and you have a good space on your table, desktop video magnifier can be the good choice. 
  • Do I do long-period reading? If YES, it is better to buy the device with large screen, for example, the SNOW 12 with 12-inch screen and the Luna HD 24 Pro with 24-inch display. If you need the device for very few case when seeing something tiny or reading the small words on the newspaper, Luna S or Luna 6 is wonderful to meet your need. To watch TV, join the meeting or walking around, only the E-glasses can help. 
  • How much I would like to pay for the device?  Some people may be able to get funding from the government, while some may have to pay at their own. Thus, check the price of your favorite devices and make your smart decision. 

Finallly, it is important to try out the products. You can go the low vison store for the consultance and test the products. Of course, purchase the products from the online store  and use the device at home for  weeks is also recommended by many people. For instance, Zoomax USA offer 30-money return. Customers can return the goods within 30 days and get the refund quickly. 

Hope all mentioned above helpful. If you would like to know more about the visual aids, please contact us or call right now! 


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