Discovery of Zoomax Snow 12: Simple and Powerful

You may once hear of Zoomax Snow 12 as it’s definitely a star product among all Zoomax products. However, how much do you truly know about Snow 12? Using Snow 12 for reading textbooks in the classroom, doing homework, checking files or signing documents are the common usages of the device. In fact, Zoomax Snow 12 is far more powerful and useful to meet the various needs of people with visual impairments.

zoomax snow 12

Introduction of Zoomax Snow 12

Before truly getting to use a magnifying aid, being familiar with the device and its technical specifications is essential, users therefore can discover more ways to operate the digital magnifier and maximize its value. And undoubtedly, Snow 12 is an outstanding magnifying aid that is worth knowing for the low vision group.

Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable electronic video magnifier that delivers true visual independence for people with low vision. As a portable video magnifier, Snow 12 possesses facile and succinct designs with 12 inches screen large-size, delicate physical buttons, and high-quality materials, which could support users in various situations. The device acquires basic functions like adjusting magnifications, changing high color contrasts up to 10 options, activating reading lines and masks, and capturing and saving more than 1000 images. Moreover, the superiority of Snow 12 is that it has useful advanced functions such as OCR/text-to-speech function, enabling full-page content scanning on the external foldable stand and transferring the text to the voice, comfortable writing spaces, and so on. To some extent, these abundant functions can always fulfill people’s needs and make huge contributions to the daily life of low vision people.

Common Use of Snow 12

There are some common uses of Snow 12 for people with vision loss in their daily life. For instance, visually impaired students are accustomed to using Snow 12 at schools as the device help them read textbooks and do homework efficiently. 

use zoomax snow 12 at schoolMeanwhile, just in case you do not plan or forget to bring the external stand with you together, the Snow 12 itself can be used individually. Simply press the button on the back to release the foot stand, and put the Snow 12 on the book or the notebook, you will find the image is super clear and the reading is much easier.

Additionally, among the groups of people with visual impairments that use Zoomax Snow 12, the workplace is usually another choice for them. The majority of user reviews indicate that Snow 12 is a perfect visual aid for office work, which increases their work efficiency when they review files, read documents and sign contracts. This is meaningful for the visually impaired people. Especially sometimes, they may need to complete the work with limited time and guarantee the accuracy of the result.

Of course, most of the people who own the Snow 12 would like to tell you that using Snow 12 at home is more than a fantastic idea. Reading books through the OCR/text-to-speech function of Snow 12, you will find this digital magnifying aid truly enriches your spare time. You can even transfer files from your computer to the device and let Snow 12 read loudly for you. If you feel tired with your eyes, close them and just listen. You will find it a great relaxing and enjoyable moment. 

Read the Recipe with Snow 12 to Cook Healthily

use zoomax snow 12 for cookingMany people wish to make scrumptious meals for themselves or their families, while some people may pay close attention to the nutritional balance for both themselves and their loved ones, frequently following the recipes or the advice of nutritionists. In this case, for those with visual impairments, how are they supposed to read the information on the recipes? This is what Zoomax Snow 12 can particularly perform in your kitchen.

If your recipe book is thick with many pages, please be sure to use the Snow 12 with the external stand together. Put the recipe book underneath the device, turn off the LED lights if the book is overexposed, and adjust the magnification and color contrasts, then you can push the joystick on the device to read without moving the book. One kindly reminder here, if the book is very large and thick, then it is better for you to consider reading it with the help of desktop video magnifier but not Snow 12. You can check Luna 24 HD Pro for further information of the desktop item.

use zoomax snow 12 to read recipesComing back to the Snow 12, some people may be used to printing the recipes on a single piece of paper to read. In this circumstance, you don’t even need to use the external foldable stand! Just put the device on the recipe paper, and then you can operate the device as it’s mentioned above. It will be an easier way to help you with cooking in the kitchen. Also, don’t forget to activate the OCR/text-to-speech function, you only know the convenience when you truly use it!

Click the video to learn more about the use guidance of Snow 12: instructional videos of Zoomax Snow 12.

When talking about taking care of your eyes by eating healthy food, first of all, you may need to know what the food species that beneficial to your eyes are. For instance, one of the most famous elements is omega-3 fatty acids, which are often found in seafood or flaxseed. They play a crucial role in your cell membranes by promoting interactions between cells and assisting to create structure. While essential to all of your cells, the cells in your eyes and brain contain a lot of omega-3s. Hence, eating food that rich in omega-3 is a fundamental way to benefit the eyes.

healthy ingredients for the eyesIn addition to omega-3 fatty acids, there are also many vitamins and trace elements that can provide abundant nutrition to our eyes. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3, calcium, zinc, and so on, can be the common elements you should know. And where do these vitamins and elements usually exist? While green and yellow vegetable like spinach and carrot often carry a lot of Vitamin A. Vitamin C is always found abundantly in some fresh vegetables and different kinds of fruits like lemon, orange, and kiwi. Walnut, almond and other nuts are often rich in Vitamin E. Zinc usually exists in beef, corn, and eggs. Or you could find calcium in common ingredients like milk, beans, fungi, shrimp, and kelp.

If you already have a Snow 12 video magnifier at home, and you want to try cooking for yourself and your loved ones, come try reading the recipe by using the Snow 12! And of course, it will be safer and easier to have someone around to help you. Snow 12 is not only a vision aid, but the conveyor to deliver your love to your family and loved ones! 

The discovery of Zoomax 12 is continuing. Come let us know your findings! You will inspire many people who are in need.  Contact us now!

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