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People with vision loss sometimes may buy a magnifying aid for a specific purpose like study or work. However, in most cases, people would like their devices to acquire more superiority and to be used in multiple places. If you’re looking for a magnifying aid of this variety, Zoomax Luna 8 happens to be one of the electronic video magnifiers that can be used in various ways. Read on to know more about Zoomax Luna 8.

Introduction of Zoomax Luna 8

Zoomax Luna 8 is a comprehensive electronic video magnifier with the compact body and light weight, which makes the device comfortable to use and portable to take everywhere. The 8 inches screen – not very large but not that small, just a perfect size – can provide sharp images of the contents you magnify. Moreover, the “8” for Luna 8 not only means the screen size but also refers to 8 hours of battery life, while the charging time is less than 3 hours.

extreme simplicity luna 8 gets back to basic zoomax luna 8 electronic video magnifier for low vision~1Simplicity is another keyword of Zoomax Luna 8. As a handheld video magnifier, Luna 8 has proper functions to meet the daily needs of people who have visual impairments. The device acquires functions that are basic and simple to use. Users are able to magnify their target from 2.5x to 19x, and change the high color contrasts among 10 options. Furthermore, if the user prefers to use only 1 or 2 color contrasts to fit their eye conditions, the other color contrasts can just be hidden easily in the settings. Also, the LED lights, volume, reading lines and masks, the intensity of contrast, and other functions that can be helpful with daily use are all set in this device and simple to be activated.

The device possesses various functions to ensure it can help people with low vision as much as possible, and it’s still easy to use at the same time. If you have ever tried Zoomax Luna 8, you will find it’s so easy to get familiar with the functions at all. This electronic magnifying aid doesn’t have the touchscreen function. But the delicate physical buttons bring excellent experiences when operating the device, and you don’t have to worry about the touch by mistake. In a word, Luna 8 is actually more outstanding than you can imagine.

Compare Luna 8 and Snow 12

As a hot product of Zoomax electronic video magnifiers, Snow 12 is always mentioned repetitively. It’s a powerful video magnifier with abundant functions to adapt to more usage scenarios. Compared with Luna 8, Snow 12 acquires more advanced functions so it plays a more important role in schools or workplaces.

In function, Snow 12 acquires the touchscreen function and OCR/text-to-speech function that Luna 8 doesn’t have. Moreover, Snow 12 can be used with an external foldable stand to recognize full-page content for text-to-speech function or write underneath the device fluently. In this case, Snow 12 is the perfect choice for visually impaired people who are students or devoting themselves to their jobs.

zoomax snow12 vs luna8

Because of the different sizes and functions, some of the scenarios of using Luna 8 and Snow 12 overlap, while others do not. Sometimes the size of the device can determine how people would use it. For instance, students at younger ages, like primary school students, usually prefer to choose Luna 8 as it’s more lightweight to take to school. Or, those seniors with vision impairments who are unfamiliar with the touch screen functions or feel challenged to use innovative digital devices, may also choose Luna 8 due to its simplicity and convenience.

Outdoor use is also a considerable point for some people with eyesight loss. Outdoor activities are always essential for visually impaired people to promote social relationships and improve their physical and mental health. In this case, Luna 8 is definitely the more flexible video magnifier to take than Snow 12 when staying outdoors. The distance-view mode of Luna 8 allows you to hold it to observe distant objects.

Luna 8: The Choice for Everyone

zoomax luna 8 video magnifier for daily use of low vision peopleThough Snow 12 is the most popular product among Zoomax low vision aids, Luna 8, a new product that launched about a year, also has excellent quality that cannot be ignored, and gradually has been chosen by more and more family of low vision. Sometimes people with vision loss need a video magnifier for specific uses, or some people just start to lose their eyesight and they would like to try some assistive technology for the visually impaired to improve their life quality. This could be the reason that the existence of Zoomax Luna 8 is meaningful.

Luna 8 is one of the best visually impaired aids for seniors due to its basic functions and simple operation. Elder people who have visual impairments take a huge amount of all the low vision community as they’re usually at higher risk of eye diseases. Luna 8 can maximize the value for this group no matter using the device at home or outdoors. The operation with physical buttons can avoid the touch by mistake if the visually impaired seniors also have a hands-shaking situation, which somehow improves the usage experience.

Younger people with visual impairments can also enjoy using Luna 8 at home, at schools, or in workplaces to enrich their life. While younger people can have visual impairments due to eye injuries or congenital eye diseases, and they may be more familiar with digital devices and are more willing to try an electronic video magnifier to enhance their life independence. Therefore, Luna 8 can be a good start. It’s simple but not useless, younger people may also discover new ways to use it.

zoomax luna 8 for many daily scenariosZoomax Luna 8 is actually having more advantages than it’s mentioned above. You are able to use Luna 8 at home to read your favorite book, the 8 inches screen has a suitable capacity for the book contents, and you can capture and save the image of the contents you like. Or you can also use Luna 8 when having lunch with a friend, the device will be helpful to check the menu, even if the menu board is far from you. For home use or outdoor use, Luna 8 is the inclusive choice for all everyone who has visual impairments.

Users of Luna 8 are usually amazed by the simple operation, superb image, lightweight, excellent quality and the long time of continuous use. Almost all the users didn’t show any regrets about getting the device, this is how great Luna 8 is. Many people own a Zoomax video magnifier, for example, Snow 12 or Luna HD 24 Pro, they bought a Luna 8 for further use, just because Luna 8 is such a good company for going outdoors and the screen is large enough for comfortable reading and seeing. If you are hesitating among several options of low vision aids, or if you are still confused about how to choose a proper magnifying device to fit your eye condition, then Zoomax Luna 8 might just be the right choice that won’t let you down.

use, before realizing how to use zoomax luna 8 electronic video magnifier for low vision~1

For people in the United States, you can try out Zoomax Luna 8 at home for free for 30 days. Please visit our official website. If you are outside of the USA, please contact us to get the local distributor information.


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