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Offer valid through September, 2021.

What's in the Bundle

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  • Wearable Electronic Glasses
  • Open Design
  • Simplified Acesight
  • Best Image Quality
  • Wireless Use with Remote Controller
  • See Wider: Field of View – 65°
  • Simple and Useful
  • Clear Image
  • Wrist Strap
  • 20+ Languages OCR
  • Full Page Reading
  • Distance Viewing
  • Accessory for Snow 7 HD Plus
  • Writing/OCR Space

Visual Independence at lower cost

Vision is more than seeing. It’s about independence and continuing to do the things you like to do at home. Zoomax wants to help you or a loved one to enjoy their visual independence for as long as possible, and to do so more affordably than ever.

Our combos include a wearable electronic glasses (Acesight series) and a portable handheld video magnifier. Together they provide you with magnification whether you’re at home or out and about with family and friends.

Who Benefits?

If you or a family member is 65 years or above and living with a visual impairment, the Shop for Seniors is for you.

Zoomax Shop For Senior Plan


EaseArm holds Snow 7 HD Plus up on your desk, so that you can have a easier access to full-page scan and text-to-speech with the handheld video magnifier.

Save up to $668!

Price details of each combination. Shipping FREE.

CCTV Desktop
Handheld Video MagnifierPriceSpecials for Seniors PriceSavings
Acesight VRSnow 7 HD Plus$3,374$2,706 Buy Now$668
Acesight SLuna S$3,364$2,806 Buy Now$558
Panda HDSnow 7 HD Plus Advanced$2,978$2,329 Out of Stock$649
Aurora HDSnow 7 HD Plus Advanced$3,378$2,689 Out of Stock$689
Aurora HDSnow 7 HD Plus Basic$3,298$2,649 Out of Stock$649
Panda HDSnow 7 HD Plus Basic$2,898$2,289 Out of Stock$609
ProductsPriceSpecials for Seniors PriceSavings
Acesight VR
Snow 7 HD Plus


Buy Now

Acesight S
Luna S


Buy Now

Panda HD
Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced


Out of Stock

Aurora HD
Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced


Out of Stock

Aurora HD
Snow 7 HD Plus Basic


Out of Stock

Panda HD
Snow 7 HD Plus Basic


Out of Stock


Bundle the easeArm accessory for Snow 7 HD Plus (normally $129) for just $69 more, with code SENIOR.
The Specials for Seniors offer (easeArm included) can not be combined with other offers.