Happy Birthday, Zoomax!

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Zoomax was born in June ten years ago. 

We are proud of her! She helps majority of low-vision people worldwide see clearer and live more independently! A lots of children, young adults and senior people who live with different vision loss conditions expressed their gratitude to us when using Zoomax low vision aids.

Zoomax wants to say ” Thank you” to everyone. Because of your continuous support and truly love, she grows up day by day and becomes strong. 

Ten years definitely means a lot for Zoomax. We hope to share our great happiness with all of our valuable customers. 

Snow 12 is one of the best sellers among all portable video magnifiers , which offers large 12″ screen, lightweight design and OCR/TTS function. People with visual impairment find it easy to use and portable for using indoor and outdoor. 

If you purchase a SNOW 12 before June 26th. 2022, you will get:

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  • Two-year warranty with local repair service
  • 30-day refund service “

For 30-day refund policy, please read details in  our “Refund & return” policy. 

Zoomax ships goods from the warehouse in USA. It usally takes 3 to 5 working days for shipping before you receive the goods. We thank for your patience! 

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