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What low vision aids should students choose?


If you are looking for high-quality video magnifier for your kids, students or for yourself, try out our Zoomax Snow 12 and Acesight S.

With external foldable stand, Snow 12 is ideal for students to read and write. More than 20 thousand of visually impaired students in the world have been using Snow 12 to help seeing clearer at home and in their classrooms.

Students with visual impairments will be challenged when seeing the blackboard. Acesight S is a perfect wearable visual aids solution to help! It enables students to look far and near clearly anytime anywhere. When wearing Acesight S, students can even be mobile in the classroom or on campus.

Are other items suitable for the students? Sure! Luna S, Luna 6, Luna 8  and Acesight VR are all good options! 

What special offer for BACK-TO-SCHOOL now? 


Double Deals:

  • 15% OFF + FREE shipping 
  • Paid order amount over 2000 US Dollars: Get a Luna S video magnifier for FREE

Coupon code:    SCHOOL

IMPORTANT: Please enter this coupon code before you pay for your order.

Additionally, college freshman will receive EXTRA 5% discount! If you will be the college freshman in the new semester, before you place an order, please email us with any official document proving your role as college freshman so that you will get a special coupon code allowing total 20% OFF! Please send email to [email protected].

We offer 30-day money-back return policy if you don’t like the products.

Hurry up! Before the bells ring!

Give it a try if you are looking for something different!


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  • This compaign will go valid through Sep.20th.,2022.
  • This special offer is applicable for all Zoomax products ( Accessories excluded).
  • For 30-days money back policy, if you request a return, you’ll receive a refund notice email with the shipping fee deduction.
  • We guarantee that all customer information will be kept private and won’t be used for publicity without the customer’s permission.
  • ZOOMAX USA Inc. is entitled to its own interpretation of this activity.

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