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2 Reasons Why Visually Impaired People Should Use Wireless Charging

  •  Convenience 

Almost all of the electronic video magnifiers come with micro-USB port in the past years. To find the perfect orientation to connect the charging cable became a challenge for many low-vision people. Even worse, some people usually got the port of their low vision aids damaged. It caused a lots of repair work and waste of time waiting for the repaired device.

The type-C port has been a good alternative. People with vision loss just need to find where the port is and plug in.

However, there are several ports in their devices. It sometimes makes it a problem to plug in a wrong one.

A wireless charger of Zoomax Luna 6 saves all of the trouble by only requiring vision loss people to place their Luna 6 on the charging stand. It is always easy, safe and definitely convenient.

  • Avoid Misusing the Charging Cable

Some people may have more than 1 cable on their desks, since they have to charge their phones, Pads and other electronic devices.

It happens that video magnifier was damaged while visually impaired people used a wrong adapter when there are several cables cluttering his desk.

The wireless charger of Zoomax Luna 6 is a unique and perfect solution, which is easy to be differentiated from other adapters.

  • Time to Experience Wireless Charging

Connect the charging dock to the power outlet, that is the only thing when you start to use wireless charger.

No struggling of untangling cables. No damage caused to your loved video magnifier by using the wrong cable. That’s where you will appreciate the benefit of switching to wireless charger.

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