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A list of frequently asked questions about Zoomax products.

Why does my screen turn to black?

First ensure that the power is on. Please try to charge the battery, reduce the magnification level, and ensure the reading material is beneath the camera.

Why is my battery not charging?

Make sure the Power Supply is in use and the outlet has power. Check and see if the plug is fully inserted in the power jack. Change the battery and plug to check it again, if it still didn’t work, please ask your dealer if there is anything wrong with PCB.

Why is the power not working?

Make sure the power supply cord is connected to the electrical outlet. Make sure the battery is charged and correctly inserted into the unit. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on. If the power doesn’t work, try device power supply. The battery needs to be charged.

Why is the image appearing the smudges on screen?

It may be caused by finger prints or dirt on the glass underneath the unit.

Clean camera and screen with the supplied soft cloth. Some blurriness is unavoidable at higher levels of magnification.

Why is the image on the screen dark or distorted?

Please ensure the video magnifier is flat on the page.

Why does my video magnifier turn off suddenly?

The devices with power saving setting will automatically turn off the LCD after 3 minutes of non-use. Make sure if the battery need to be charged or replaced. If it is still not turning on, connect the power supply to see if it is a battery issue. Press the power button for more than 2 seconds and the device should turn on.

Why won’t my XY table lock?

Make sure the locking lever is all the way to the right. Then try to turn the brake to the right side to lock the XY Table again.

Why is the XY-table not moving smoothly?

Make sure the XY-table is unlocked. If you can't move the table at all, check to see if there is a small object obstructing the XY-table movement.