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easeScan is a lightweight external camera that allows Snow 10 Pro to perform full page scanning of print documents. With easeScan connected to Snow 10 Pro, optical character recognition converts printed text into speech, allowing you to listen to words being spoken as they are highlighted on the screen. Enjoy reading even more, with easeScan!


Full Page Scanner Facilitating the Speech

The OCR/TTS version of Snow 10 Pro already enables you to turn printed text into speech. With the new easeScan from Zoomax, this process is faster and easier than ever. With a high resolution HD camera, easeScan can scan full pages with ease. The space under the easeScan camera means you can turn the pages freely without moving the whole device.

The easeScan connects via a supplied USB cable to a Snow 10 Pro (TTS version) you already own. A press of the Freeze button on Snow 10 Pro takes the picture of the printed page you wish to convert. Seconds later, those printed words are being spoken out loud.

easeScan Full Page Scanner Facilitatinge the Speech - Zoomax

Easy to Carry Around

Unlike flatbed document scanners, easeScan is light and portable. Best of all, when not in use, easeScan folds up for easy transportation with your Snow 10 Pro. A carry case provides additional convenience.

easeScan Easy to Carry Around - Zoomax


easeScan is easy to use. To use, just connect it with your Snow 10 Pro. There is no need to worry about power either; easeScan draws the small amount of power it needs from Snow 10 Pro.

easeScan Plug-and-play - Zoomax

Tailor Designed Document Mat

The document mat is a great help to capture articles correctly. The white on black design is one of the common high contrast colors low vision people prefer. Before putting the pages in the frame, you need to make sure the triangle on the document mat is aligned with the triangle on the easeScan.

easeScan Tailored Designed Document Mat - Zoomax


Additional Information

Camera 5M pixel
Weight 18.9 Oz
Packing Size (W/H/D) 12.6×3.2×3.2 inch

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