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Acesight S + Snow 4.3


Zoomax For Education pricing $2,696
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Save $648! Zoomax For Education Special Offer: $2,696.

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Valid through October 31, 2020.

What’s Included

  1. Wearable Electronic Glasses Acesight S
  2. Acesight S 2 years + extra 6 months warranty
  3. Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 4.3 (Shipped separately, 30 days after purchase)
Acesight S And Snow

Functions & Benefits

Wearable Electronic Glasses Acesight S

Acesight S is the simplified version of Acesight, electronic glasses that let you see even with severe low vision.

  • Zoom in/out: what’s on the board? Zoom in and see it. Up to 15x magnification.
  • High contrast: High contrast color is proved greatly helpful for people with most visual impairments.
  • Outline: this feature adds lines to edges of everything. If the face of your classmate seems vague for you, try outline mode.
  • Floating Reading Mode: freeze the board and see it as a big still image.

Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 4.3

Snow 4.3 is one of Zoomax most popular and reputed low vision solutions. With this handy electronic magnifier, you can read and write on the go, at school or at home.

Unboxing Video

Acesight S Unboxing (Same as Acesight Unboxing)

Snow 4.3 Unboxing


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