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Acesight S + Snow 4.3


Specials for Seniors

Wearable Electronic Glasses +
4.3″ Handheld Video Magnifier


Save $648! Enjoy Special for Senior Offer. No code needed!

Bundle includes:

Looking At Pill Bottle With Electronic Glasses For Low Vision Acesight S

Wearable Electronic Glasses

  • Zoom in/out: Up to 15x magnification.
  • High contrast: High contrast color is proved greatly helpful for people with most visual impairments.
  • Outline: This feature adds lines to edges of everything.
  • Floating Reading Mode: Freeze the vision and see it as a big still image.
  • $2,995.00 Value
Handheld Video Magnifier for low vision

Handheld Electronic Video Magnifier

  • Simple and easy
  • Pocket size
  • Distance Viewing
  • $349 Value
The Specials for Seniors offer (easeArm included) can not be combined with other offers.


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