According to current guidelines one of the best ways to avoid COVID-19 is to stay home and away from other people. If you must leave home for any reason, social distancing is advised. That means maintaining at least 6 feet distance from other people. More recently we are being advised to wear a mask for additional protection and to help slow the spread. Zoomax would like to help with this effort. 


  • We recently began offering disposable protective masks for sale to our customers. Masks are 3-ply construction with ear loop, adult size. They are suitable for individual/personal use. More information or to Order.

  • We are currently offering a 10% discount and free shipping on all Zoomax products (electronic magnifiers and wearables). For a limited time we are now a free quantity of masks with each order, as follows:

    • Acesight Wearable
      $250-$430 in savings plus 1 free box of masks ($35 value) and free shipping

    • Snow 7 HD Plus (Basic and Advanced) and Snow 12 (With or Without Foldable Stand)
      $80-$130 in savings plus 30 free masks ($20 value) and free shipping

    • Snow 4.3 and M5 HD Plus
      $35-$45 in savings plus 10 free masks ($10 value) and free shipping


      Please use code ENJOY2020 to activate the deal.


      Offer valid until April 30, 2020