Zoomax USA Online Store now offers Back to School Savings. The details are below:


Panda: 20% Off + 1 free Butterfly + free shipping = USD 650 Saved


Aurora HD: 10% Off + 1 free M5 + free shipping = USD 1,000 Saved


Please use coupon BACKTOSCHOOL to modify shipping fee. Other discount will be directly shown in the cart when the products are added.


Regions: All available delivery states except California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Oregon.

Promotion time is from 25th August to 15th September, 2017.




1. Please don’t add more than 1 gift product into the cart. The discount can be triggered by only 1 gift device.


For example, if you have 1 Aurora HD and 1 M5 in the cart, the grand total will be the price of Aurora HD only; but if you add another M5, and there are 1 Aurora HD and 2 M5, the grand total will be 1 Aurora HD and 2 M5 instead of 1 Aurora HD and 1 M5.


The only exception will be a cart containing 1 Panda, 1 Butterfly, 1 Aurora HD and 1 M5: it will have the prices of Butterfly and M5 deducted.


Any need of 2 or more Butterfly/M5, please contact us and we will address your request as soon as possible.


2. Free shipping is active only when the gift item gets added.


3. Free shipping is active to all available delivery destinations (California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Oregon excluded).

If you are not sure the region Zoomax USA Online Store are engaged in, please check Service – Customer Service - Shipping & Delivery.